09 June 2021 – Fascination by Alphabeat

You can listen to “Fascination” by Alphabeat here.

“Fascination” is another one of my absolute favourite songs. It’s one of the songs that we used to play when my first band just played covers. When we eventually wrote songs we wanted to be Deftones or Smashing Pumpkins, but the songs we covered were always pop songs in the beginning. That was because they’re great fun to play. I think the fact that “Fascination” is fun to play as a band really comes across in the track itself. Alphabeat are just such a bunch of happy bastards that it’s hard not to love them.

The lead singers have a great combination of voices. I feel like the marketing of the band was that she was the front woman and she did most of the singing and he was like a secondary singer. He almost enters into the territory of Baz from The Happy Mondays, just dancing around as a decoration. The truth is his voice was class and the real strength of Alphabeat songs was that the two of them sounded great together.

“Fascination” is a real kids party song. It’s got that safe Danish good time vibe but it’s also based on a real understanding of building pop tunes. The drums are that upbeat soul sound that features in so many of my favourite songs like Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson’s version of Valerie for example. It drives the song and gives it a real groove that makes it a great dance song. The piano and bass create a solid foundation for the the song and the guitar licks add flair to the whole thing. It’s a belter of a tune.

09 June 2021 – Fascination by Alphabeat

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