21 May 2021 – In This City by Iglu & Hartly

You can listen to “In This City” by Iglu & Hartly here. I don’t generally like linking to versions that aren’t completely from the artist but the album version is no longer available on Spotify, it’s only there as part of a compilation.

It’s hard to know if Iglu & Hartly were very lucky or very unlucky. “In This City” is a banger, but they’re undeniably a one hit wonder. If you had to write one good song, it’s a incredible one to write and it was very successful. I wonder if the timing was right for them though. If they’d appeared 2 years later frat rap was underway and they probably could have had more sustained success. If they’d appeared today they probably could have segued their success into a more prolonged career in the same way that Lil Nas X has for example. Even if they’d appeared at any point in the last six or seven years they’d have a better online presence to work with. It just wasn’t to be.

“In This City” was massive when it dropped and Iglu & Hartly were every where with it. They wore bad low rise jeans and not wearing shirts often exaggerated how bad the jeans were. The vocals were kind of whiny in a pop punk way and they combined a nasal singing with rapping. The keyboards make it sound a bit like a Christmas song. It sounds terrible on paper but I love it. The chorus feels like it should be shouted with a group after too many shandies. And I’m sure if it came on at the end of the night I wouldn’t be alone jumping up to scream along.

21 May 2021 – In This City by Iglu & Hartly

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