11 May 2021 – Heat Waves – Stripped Back by Glass Animals

Heat Waves is a great song and has been a massive success for Glass Animals, but the Stripped Back version has just stuck with me. As the name suggests, it is stripped back to the bare bones and I think sometimes that’s an interesting exercise to see the real quality of a song.

With all the bells and whistles removed, “Heat Waves – Stripped Back” is perhaps an even better song. There’s a haunting quality to just the vocals and guitar and the use of empty space. There’s room for the lyrics to come across. The subject of the lyrics is one of those classic ideas that always terrify me, that you could love a person but a relationship might not be what’s best for either party. I feel like the Stripped Back version matches that idea better, although I do really enjoy the layered vocals of the standard version.

You can listen to “Heat Waves -Stripped Back” by Glass Animals here.

11 May 2021 – Heat Waves – Stripped Back by Glass Animals

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