06 May 2021 – Let’s Stay Together by Al Green

I’ve been getting a bit precious about writing these, overthinking the reasons for including songs. That’s a bit lame for a list that is intentionally endless and where the only criteria is being a song that I like.

“Let’s Stay Together” is an undeniably good song. Al Green has a brilliant, effortless voice and almost whispers the words. The guitar and bass gently groove along and the sound is accented nicely by the horns but the song is really driven by the percussion.

I always remember Barack Obama singing it during a speech at a fundraiser in 2012. It’s was a great PR move because I think “Let’s Stay Together” has a universal appeal. It’s hopeful while acknowledging that things can get tough. As a presidential candidate, that’s attitude you’re trying to sell and I think that’s Obama did that, even if things didn’t work out.

You can listen to “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green here.

06 May 2021 – Let’s Stay Together by Al Green

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