04 May 2021 – Sexotheque by La Roux

Sexotheque is probably a strange choice of La Roux song but there’s three reasons behind this pick for song of the day.

Firstly, Trouble in Paradise is an incredible album. I accidentally ordered it on Amazon on vinyl at a time when I didn’t have the money to understand how Amazon worked. It’s super solid all the way through. I was interested in it based on the first single, Uptight Downtown, but I still don’t know what other songs were singles because it’s so consistent. With that in mind, the choice of a favourite is a little arbitrary and very much based on how I feel right now. And so, the other two reasons are why I’m enjoying this song in particular at the moment.

I like that the opening is like a song written entirely on a 90s keyboard. The guitar is lazy but doing bits. The bass is grooving away. I’ve always been a fan of La Roux’s layered vocals and I love the “money, money, money” bit in the chorus. It’s a fun song to sing.

Thematically, I like the story to it. There’s a couple. She want’s to “settle down” and he wants to “mess around”. It messes with her confidence and she wonders if it’s her fault. The song deals more with the man because he’s the problem. He sounds like a wannabe sex pest and he ends up alone. Sexotheque is a wonderful word. It’s a great example of French being used to make things more sophisticated but also sleazy.

You can listen to Sexotheque by La Roux here.

04 May 2021 – Sexotheque by La Roux

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