21 April 2021 – Hopeless by Azizi Gibson

Hopeless is a great song because it’s sad and introspective but also kinda goofy. Lyrically, it’s emotional and confessional, accepting blame for a relationship falling apart. It’s backed by simple keyboards and quite sparse beats. Azizi Gibson alternates between singing and rapping with parts of the singing in falsetto and then repetition of the work fuck in a range of voices at the end of the refrain.

The goofiness of the fucks and some of the falsetto is actually part of what makes the song so real. It has the vibe of delirious hopelessness. It feels like how it feels to be desperately sad for a while when you start to slightly detach from reality.

Then on top of it all the song slaps. It’s mad that something so sad makes me want to dance. The outro, in particular, goes hard and has one of my favourite lyrics, “Let’s try again before you get yourself some new dick”. It’s interesting because the idea is that he could be replaced by sex with someone new, but he ruined the relationship by chasing sex elsewhere. It seems to acknowledge questions about what he brought to the relationship in the first place and the need to be better than just not cheating.

You can listen to Hopeless by Azizi Gibson here.

21 April 2021 – Hopeless by Azizi Gibson

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