06 April 2021 – Get It On by T.Rex

When I was 14 I grew my hair long and decided that I had to like rock music. I had some rules. I wouldn’t pretend to like something I didn’t like and I wouldn’t like what everyone else liked. And it’s embarrassing and incredibly lame but it happened. The end result was that I was obsessed with T.Rex, specifically the one greatest hits album we had at home which doesn’t seem to exist anywhere online.

Get It On is an anthem. It’s a headphones on, all in your head escape and a jumping kick, belt it out at the end of a night. It felt a bit risqué as a 14 year old listening to a song about getting it on when I wasn’t getting anything on. Then as you get older you realise that’s what 50% of all music is about.

The other great thing about T.Rex for 14 year old me was that Marc Bolan was not into complicated guitar riffs. The vast majority of what’s going on is sex appeal and charisma and the rest is made up of bits of blues riffs. It definitely helped me to see that it’s not what you play but how you play it when it comes to music. Marc Bolan played like he was looking for the ride and that’s what the music ends up sounding like. When I was in bands with my friends we played like we were there to have fun and I like to think that’s how the music turned out.

You can listen to Get It On by T.Rex here.

06 April 2021 – Get It On by T.Rex

One thought on “06 April 2021 – Get It On by T.Rex

  1. Rolan Bowie says:

    When I think of Marc Bolan, I always think of the anecdote of how David Bowie and Marc Boland decided to call their kids Zowie Bowie and Rolan Bolan. T. Rex had some good stomping tunes, veritable glam rock.

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