31 March 2021 – All For The Taking by Meanwhile

I don’t know if Meanwhile still exist. I saw them supporting La Roux in 2014 and they always remind me of this time in my life when I was going to a lot of gigs. I used to always try to see support bands and I 100% judged a band if they had bad support act.

I was struck by Meanwhile because I really liked the idea of a pop band at that time. If I could have been in any kind of band at that time that was it. I couldn’t understand why there weren’t more. I liked the idea of pop music that could be performed live. I’d seen the 1975 play around then and there were obviously extra guitar tracks or keys in the background and it threw the whole live experience off for me.

All For The Taking has an attitude, a cheekiness. I like the ending. It’s a real moment of just going like the clappers and making mad noise. It makes me miss live music.

You can listen to All For The Taking by Meanwhile here.

31 March 2021 – All For The Taking by Meanwhile

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