13 March 2021 – Teardrops by This Club

This Club covered Teardrops by Womack and Womack while riding a small train on Dún Laoighraire Pier and it’s one of my favourite Youtube gems.

This Club were a massively underappreciated band and I think this is a great advertisement for them. This is an incredible live performance that highlights their great harmonies, their originality and their fun. They’re probably a band who happened slightly too soon for themselves. If they’d appeared in a post Spotify world they would have been all over the happiest cheekiest playlists and then they’d have conquered the world. As it is, they have one of the best Irish albums in my opinion and some absolutely incredible covers under their belt. Great songs by some good lads.

You can watch Teardrops by This Club here

13 March 2021 – Teardrops by This Club

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