25 May 2020 – Zodiac

I have a back log of films to write about. The thing about liking films and trying to write about them is I’m watching films quicker than I write about them. WordPress has a feature where you can delay the publishing date of a post so I think I’ll have to take a few hours and catch up and release the posts every day for a week or so. At this point, it feels like ages since I watched Zodiac. It’s probably more than three weeks.

Over the last while, I’ve been working on the idea of making the most of the extra time I have because of lockdown. I’ve probably over analysed my plans and I’ve definitely spent enough time writing lists that I could have done most of the things I need to do. Part of the problem is that I’m very aware that I’m trying to change my behaviour and create new, positive and productive habits. About 6 months ago, I started to see that I was constantly fucking things up for future me. I was feeling tired and shitty so I would take the easy shitty option which would then fuck me over later and so I would end up tired and shitty all over again. The easy example is making lunches for work. I won’t make a lunch so I have to buy something shitty the next day. Then I end up feeling shitty from eating shitty food and spending money I didn’t need to spend and the cycle continues. So since I’m aware of this harmful behaviour and I’m super conscious of trying to change it.

One thing I’ve realised is that there are certain types of film that I get super excited about. Newspapers, police, America between World War II and 1990, Mark Ruffalo. And what combines these things? Zodiac.

It’s so good. Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo. All great. Lots of great people in the supporting cast – Chloé Sevigny and Dermot Mulroney. It’s an amazing cast and it shows that these people really bought into the idea of the film. I think sometimes a film can be good based on the strength of the story alone. The film making process can add nothing and just bring the story to the screen and it can be a film that you can enjoy. And I think the story of Zodiac is probably one of those kind of stories but then the team behind it add so much more. It has really made me think about how I rate films. If I were to rate films by putting them into categories, Zodiac would have to be in whatever the top category was. It’s unusual that something can be so long and so consistent straight through. It’s top notch. The scene where Jake Gyllenhaal’s character goes to see the man who makes the movie theatre posters is so tense.

*Chef’s kiss*

25 May 2020 – Zodiac

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