10 May 2020 – Lost in Translation

Spoiler Alerts if you haven’t seen Lost in Translation.

Lost in Translation is almost a good film but it’s just not good. Sometimes a film boils down to one plot point that can decide where you stand on it forever. For me, Lost in Translation had to make a decision. Was it: a), a film about a platonic relationship between two people at different points in their lives who had something to learn from one another, or b), a shitty film about a romance. And in reality, the closer it strayed towards option b without crossing the line into romance the more interesting it could have been. It was a high risk game and it fucking botched it at the last minute.  The end result is weird.

I really don’t want to devote too much time or though to this so I’m just going to bullet point some thoughts.

  • The kiss ruins the film. At best it takes away from the mystery of the romance and at worst it’s a plot line cop out that takes the rug out from underneath an interesting look at friendship. Debatable but stupid.
  • I’ll never understand Bill Murray as some kind of alternative romantic lead.
  • Scarlett Johansson was pretty good.
  • There are some weird racist moments.
  • I like Giovanni Ribisi. It felt like there was a lot there that could have been explored but not going into it was good for the context of his relationship with Scarlett Johansson’s character and the uncertainty she feels about him.

That’s it for this one. Didn’t like it so not going to get to into it. I’m going to do a second post today about music.

10 May 2020 – Lost in Translation

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