06 April 2020 – You Were Never Really Here

Netflix is a load of shit really isn’t it? I’m looking for things to watch and it’s all multi episode documentaries and shitty Netflix originals films. It’s just aimed at the lowest common denominator, nothing anyone ever wanted but things that can go on in the background.

I tried to watch “The Irishman” and I lasted 18 minutes. It’s just some jobs for the lads shite . It’s like “Ocean’s Eleven”, the only people who wanted that film were the people in it and people who are obsessed with liking the correct films. If your favourite film is a Scorsese then you need to go do a gap year and grow a personality. “The Irishman” is too fucking long. It’s arrogant to think you deserve people’s attention for that long in one setting. The opening 20 minutes is Old Man Robert De Niro, telling a story about Not As Old Robert De Niro, remembering a story about Younger Robert De Niro. At that point, I don’t care. And it just looks like “Arctic Express” with Tom Hanks.

So somehow after all that I ended up watching “You Were Never Really Here” with Joaquin Phoenix. I liked it, but there’s a lot to think about from it. It’s short, which you might have noticed is a positive quality to me right now. It’s less than 90 minutes and it’s almost exclusively Joaquin Phoenix. I think I like him as an actor. He’s generally pretty solid in things, but, between this and “Joker”, I wouldn’t bet against “Taxi Driver” being the only film he’s ever seen.

The mad thing to me was that as I was watching the film my opinion changed. Up until about half way through I thought it was a bit of a lazy idea. It had a 90s comic book vibe of these cool anti hero cliches with a bit of John Wick noble gruesome violence on top. But then it snapped back to reality. I don’t want to ruin anything but I also don’t feel like it’s a real twisty kind of film. To keep it vague, it involves underage sex trafficking by influential white guys in America. The response of the “bad guys” seems overly powerful and very black and white evil. But then I remembered Jeffrey Epstein and suddenly it became much more real.  I feel like if I’d watched this pre-2019 it wouldn’t have had the same impact on me at all.

Two scenes I liked:

When Joe fights the police officer in the hotel room with the mirror on the ceiling. Visually nice while also very brutal.

When the man dies in Joe’s kitchen. Intense.

That’s it. I’m feeling cabin fever-y. I’m trying to eat well and exercise while working from home and it’s all getting on top of me. I’m going to go play a board game.

06 April 2020 – You Were Never Really Here

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