Back with Free Music

I don’t really even write stuff for this anymore. I just collect music and put together playlists and then apologize for not putting this together sooner. I’ve been doing stuff. Nothing important though. One thing that kinda matters is that I’ve been thinking about what I share. For the most part I’ve been sharing Soundcloud or Spotify playlists and maybe one or two Youtube videos. I feel like that limits the music that I share because of the scenes involved. I like Soundcloud because it’s easy to use and ya can slide from one artist to another and find cool stuff. The problem is that it’s mostly electonicy/ dancey/ dj boys kinda stuff. That’s fucking fine if that’s what you want, but I don’t think it is what I want for this blog. I want to share free music, and especially Irish music that you can go see live. I’m not saying I have any sway in the real world and in career-making or anything like that, but if I can share something and you like it, I’d like that you can then go and see this person or band and tell them you liked it.

Fuck it anyway like. This is a quick blog with a fair amount of music in it. Some ya can pay for  and some I’ll give ya for free.

Some bits and bobs from soundcloud

Go here for some old stuff by Humor, who I talked about many moons ago.

Get this from Cult Called Man, who have a gig this Friday in Ratoath and are busy being cool and worrying Modest Mouse. Once you hear that free one and see this amazing cover you’ll understand why they’re allowed do things like that.

If you feel like paying for stuff you should check out the new Twin Shadow before he blows up coz he’s in the trailer for one of those movies where guys fall in love with weird girls.

Last but not least, there is a fucking truck load of new Zoax merch online as well as physical copies of the new one from them.

Ok that’s it. Hit me up if you have cool stuff worth sharing or if you hate any of it or love any of it or want to tell me any secrets.

Back with Free Music

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