8.- TracksFrom: Made In Chelsea and Lots More: “King and Cross”

Ok so I haven’t been blogging as frequently but I’ll try get back to it. Might try a bit of a push for views too. We’ll see. That stuff doesn’t matter. What matters is the music and I need to show you this track. Ásgeir, “King and Cross”. He’s blowing up at the minute. He was featured on Indie/Rock Playlist, all kinds of blogs and then I saw him on the Guardian. I’d heard it before but hadn’t properly listened to it. Well, today it clicked.

Falsetto. Icelandic accent. It’s an unreal combo. It’s acoustic and folky mixed with electronic elements without turning into some Aviici crap. The guitar is sexy and laid back and reminds me of Nick Drake. Then there’s some weird, funky keys over it which sound like the background tune from something that I can’t put my finger on (Legend of Zelda maybe?). I like the song because it sounds like it should have always existed. It actually does a lot for a song that seems quite simple. It’s laid back but also makes me want to dance, it’s sexy but it’s also kind of a cute song if anyone else thinks about shit in that way. His other stuff seems okay so far. “King and Cross” is the highlight of what I’ve heard.

There seems to be loads of trivia to go with this one. Album written by John Grant. Don’t know a lot about him but some people dig him so that’s interesting. I’m wary of artists who seem quirky but don’t write their own lyrics. I guess Ásgeir gets a pass because he’s Icelandic, but it’s not something I’m usually a fan of. It’s one of those things that make me think too much about music and musical identity and deep, philosophical things like that. The song also featured in Made in Chelsea. People get bitchy about what makes songs popular, but I’m a believer in getting music to the public in whatever way possible. Lots of bands got big off the back of The OC and One Tree Hill and shows like that. I think Made in Chelsea has a bad rep but in fairness it does promote a ton of decent tunes.

Weird video, nothing special. The song more than makes up for it though.

8.- TracksFrom: Made In Chelsea and Lots More: “King and Cross”

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