07 July 2021 – Drunk in the Morning by Lukas Graham

I’m very bummed out by the football. I’m generally a fan of anyone but England but this was a particularly tough one. I think if it had gone to penalties it would have been fine if England had won. If Sterling had scored that first half chance I would have been happy enough to accept it. That winning goal was very lame though. It’s actually fucked up my night. I liked the Danes and I like Denmark as a country. So I wanted to pick one of my favourite Danish songs.

“Drunk in the Morning” is another one of our road trip songs. Lukas Graham is a bit of an odd boy in a very Danish way. They generally speak perfect English but then say some mad things. “Drunk in the Morning” is a perfect example. It’s a wonderful song. The main riff is on the piano with some nice flourishes added by some horns. It’s meshed together with a more hip hop beat. Lukas Graham has an absolutely incredible voice. It’s effortless and because he seems kinda scummy it’s surprising when you hear the voice come out of him. Maybe he’s not that scummy anymore. He’s probably got about 2 billion streams on Spotify so I’m sure he’s doing alright.

The reason it feels perfectly Danish to me is that despite everything it has going for it, it’s lyrically insane. It sounds like a sweet song but it’s really just a list of red flags from a romantic partner. Imagine you are the “Girl” of the song. Straight of the bat, you were asleep. Your expectations of this guy were already low but they’re sinking further. Oh. It’s actually five in the morning. Of course you were asleep. I was going to try and pick out a list but it’s pretty much all of the lyrics. There’s something wonderfully Danish about that. It’s like the uncanny valley of songs. It’s so close to being a perfect love song that the deviation off course feels colossal. And there’s something wonderful about that.

You can listen to “Drunk in the Morning” here and you should watch the video below. That’s where I first heard of Lukas Graham and what it lacks in polish it makes up for by there being a can of Turbo G in the video.

07 July 2021 – Drunk in the Morning by Lukas Graham

One thought on “07 July 2021 – Drunk in the Morning by Lukas Graham

  1. I actually wrote about Lukas Graham in the early days of the blog back in 2014 when I had just come home from Denmark with a bunch of Danish CDs. My review of his first album was terrible, but I’ve mellowed as a human since then.

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